For "DAMMIT!" at The Stratton Student Center, MIT, Cambridge, MA: The Boston Globe. The photo, which they neglected to credit, is by Sebastian Neumayer.


For "HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW" at The Arcade, MIT, Cambridge, MA: A Boston Globe pick-of-the-day

For "FAITHFUL DEPARTED" at The Arcade, MIT, Cambridge, MA: The Boston Phoenix's editors' pick

Previous years:

For "ASK YOUR MOM HOW MUCH I ROCK" at ZuZu in Central Square, Cambridge, MA. An exhibition that had a short life, burned brightly, and suffered a screwed-up quick death.

For stories on its life:

As covered by Mike Miliard on the Boston Phoenix's website, click here. Or don't...the article is no longer online which is a shame as it was a good one!

As covered by, click here.

As covered by, click here.

For stories on its death:

As covered by Mike Miliard on the Boston Phoenix's website posted on August 13, 2007 (the day the show came down), click here.

As was the cover story by Boston Now, click here.


For the Boston Phoenix's May 24 online coverage by Mike Miliard of the 2007 show "Ceci N'est Une Pas Pipebomb" at ZuZu in Central Square, Cambridge, MA which became a last minute benefit show for Bela Lugosi, Nikolai's 7-year old Siberian cat and baby, click here.


A blurb on the Max's Kansas City organization's charity auction and exhibition appeared in The NY Post on December 8, 2006, and mentioned Nikolai. See it here.

A profile on Nikolai appears in the May/June 2006 issue of Artscope, "New England's Culture Magazine," there's a nice two-page layout about Nikolai and his work written by Nancy Foster. The feature includes four photos: The portrait of Noam Chomsky, original Clash drummer-turned-chiropractor Terry Chimes and two photos of Aja from the infamous "All Aja" show. For scan of the article, click here.


For HUNG: CBGB's 32nd Anniversary Art Exhibition, CBGB's final anniverary art exhibition, curated by John Nikolai, includes artwork of
Roberta Bayley, Asa Brebner, Bunni, Bruce Carleton, Leee Black Childers, Peter Costalas, Jayne County, David Fair, Jad Fair, Phyllis Galembo, Godlis, John Holmstrom,
Knox, Jon Langford, Josie Montserrat, Niagara, John Nikolai, Richie Parsons, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Dee Dee Ramone, Jamie Reid, Marcia Resnick, Jon Strymish, Johnny V.,
Arturo Vega and Lyn Z.


SCREW magazine review's HUNG's opening reception. Nikolai can die happy now.

New York Waste reports on HUNG and John E. Coli Nikolai and interviews Jayne County and Nikolai report on the latest HUNG show




For the original HUNG & HANGED exhibitions in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a 2-gallery extravaganza featuring the work of artist rockers and including art by Niagara, Arturo Vega, Godlis, Jayne County, Jon Langford, John Holmstrom, Bunni, David Fair, Jad Fair, Knox, Dee Dee Ramone, Jon Strymish, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Winston Smith, Mark Mothersbaugh, Josi Montserrat and curator John Nikolai.

Because of HUNG and HANGED, Nikolai makes Stuff@Night magazine's 7th annual HOT 100. August 16-29, 2005 reviews HANGED

The Weekly Dig, August 3, 2005 reviews HUNG and HANGED.

Boston Phoenix, July 15, 2005 - The online version of the article, linked to here, includes a slideshow of work from "HUNG" and "HANGED."

Boston Globe: July 13, 2005 - The Globe covers Club Passim's ban on Cynthia Plaster Caster's artwork from the regular "HUNG" exhibition. covers the shows!

Boston Globe: July 5, 2005

Boston Phoenix: July 1, 2005

Bay Windows, June 30, 2005, July - August 2005

Blitzkrieg's Psycho Therapy Bop - A great Ramones page gives a heads up on the shows




An article/profile on John Nikolai appears on the online magazine




For 2005's "All Aja" show

www.Voice Of interview with Aja. July 2005

Boston Phoenix: March 3, 2005 in which The Phoenix predicts that Nikolai will get slapped like a bitch!

Boston Globe: March 2, 2005

Boston Globe Calendar - CHOICE OF THE WEEK - March 3-9, 2005

Boston Groupie News - March 2005




For 2004's "Voices of Reason in a Time of Madness"

Boston Phoenix: August 20, 2004




For 2004's "ZE BIG PUNK SHOW," comprised of two separate exhibitions titled

"NEVERMIND NOSTALGIA: The Last Photo Exhibit on Punk Rock (Part 1)" &

"NEVERMIND NOSTALGIA: The Last Photo Exhibit on Punk Rock (Part 2)":

Boston Phoenix: July 2 - 8, 2004

Boston Globe: July 7, 2004

Stuff@night magazine: June 22-July 5, 2004

The Weekly Dig, June 23-30, 2004




For the 2004 show "KEEP OUT: The Dogs of Cuba":

Stuff@night magazine: March 2-15, 2004

Boston Globe: March 15, 2004





Images of Revolutionary People Who Have Changed Our World":

Boston Phoenix: October 31, 2003

Whitehead Institute online: November 4, 2003



For the 2002 show "WE'RE DISPARATE; Get Used To It:

Images of Punk's Pioneers and the Great Minds of MIT and Harvard":

Boston Globe Calendar Section: February 28, 2002

TechTalk: March 13, 2002