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News 2008 - (added September 2008) This section hasn't been updated in years. In 2008, I began teaching photography at MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) starting with a class in the spring called "Rock 'n' Roll Institute of Technology: Photographing Musicians and Live Music," followed by a summer class on portraiture, and have just started teaching my fall semester class, "Street Photography." It's been great teaching so far and great to be back at MIT again. Highlights of the classes so far included a trip to NYC with the music photography class. They met with Godlis and Roberta Bayley, two of the best music photographers of the 1970s punk scene.

Also in summer of 2008, I designed and did the cover photo for a tribute record (vinyl only!) featuring nearly 30 artists worldwide covering the songs of my good friends and the only Boston punk band that matters, Unnatural Axe. The album is titled "Ruling the World From the Backseat" (a name I suggested that is a lyric from the Axe's classic punk anthem "They Saved Hitler's Brain") and the cover models are my muses Heather Carroll (AKA Heather Harlequin, among other names) as the severed head of Adolf Hitler, and Erin Healy as horror movie villian Vernon Potts from the film "Twisted Brain" (AKA "Horror High") who the Axe have a song about. Also on the cover are Bettysioux Tailor as a terminally ill patient who may have gotten the plug pulled on her despite her really wanting to live one more day (representing the Axe song "The Plug") and Xina Giatas as a certain Boston rat (I built the rat getup myself..this is what I do with my insomnia). For a good look at all of the graphics, follow this link, which will take you away from this website and onto the site of the band The Queers who have a track on the album and who did a nice display of the artwork. - J.N.


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News 2005:


Dec. 2005 - Nikolai's portrait of Howard Zinn appears on the new DVD by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove, "Readings from Voices of A People's History of the United States."


August 2005 - Nikolai is named "Hot Curator" in Boston's Stuff@Night magazine's 7th annual "Hot 100." Check it out here.


July 2005 - Nikolai is the curator of and an exhibitor in a 2-gallery rock 'n' roll art exhibit featuring the work of such great talents as Jayne County, Niagara, Godlis, Dee Dee Ramone, Arturo Vega, John Holmstrom, Jon Lanford, Jad Fair, David Fair, Knox (from The Vibrators), Winston Smith, photographers Jon Strymish and Josie Montserrat, and others. The dates of the shows overlap in Cambridge, Massachusetts at Club Passim and The Zeitgeist Gallery. The shows are called "HUNG" and "HANGED." Cheerful. See Exhibitions for details.


June 2005 - A portrait of Nikolai appears in a photo exhibition in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts by photographer Jon Strymish. The show, called "Watching in the Dark: DIY Pictures of DIY Artists; The Photography of Jon Strymish" runs June 8 - July 2, 2005 and features primarily Strymish's photography of Boston area rockers and musicians along with some photos of musicians from elsewhere. See for details about the show or see below to see the picture of Nikolai that appears in the show. Photo appears courtesy of Jon Strymish.


2004: See Exhibitions for a list of all 2004 solo shows.

September 2004:

Two new books feature Nikolai photos. Nikolai's portrait of Noam Chomsky appears in the architecture book, "Figure/Ground: A Design Conversation with Scott Johnson and Bill Fain" and Nikolai's portrait of Dr. Eric Lander, who sequenced the human genome, appears in a brand spanking new book out of England by Adam Hart-Davis entitled "Talking Science."


2003: See Exhibitions for a list of all 2003 solo shows.

Nikolai photo of the righteous Noam Chomsky appears on the cover of the new Chinese edition of Chomsky's Media Control.


Various Nikolai photos of Dee Dee Ramone appear in the the late Mr. Ramone's final book, the rough, raving Legend of A Rock Star: The Last Testiment of Dee Dee Ramone. Every page is like a papercut. Rest in peace, Dee Dee.