at Club Passim.

An exhibition featuring the artwork of rocker artists.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

July 4 - September 24, 2005

Hanging from July 4 - September 24, 2005, HUNG had the best-attended and biggest art exhibit opening reception ever to take place at Club Passim, the legendary folk music concert venue in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Featuring the work of various kickass rock 'n' roll artists, HUNG included art by Jayne County, David Fair, John Holmstrom, Godlis, Arturo Vega, John Gonquin Nikolai (the shows' curator), Knox, Niagara, Jad Fair, Jon Strymish, Bunni and Cynthia Plaster Caster. Regrettably, Club Passim management dictated that Miss Plaster Caster's plaster cast of Jimi Hendrix's erection was not suitable for being a part of the regular HUNG exhibition and said that it could not be included. The curator negotiated that the piece could be shown on the night of the opening reception, July 25th, and then removed. At the reception, John Holmstrom, Godlis and Arturo Vega all spoke (Godlis' and Holmstrom's presentations included slide shows of their work) and oldschool Boston punk heroes Unnatural Axe finished the night with a short set. Club Passim was packed.

Above: The majority of the left side of the gallery space at Club Passim.

Jayne County's penis tree pen & ink bids you a warm welcome to HUNG.

Jayne County's "Penis Tree and Snakes in the Shape of Half Created Humans," the first piece to the left of the front door into the gallery space of Club Passim.


.....David Fair's paper cut-outs and John Nikolai's photo of Iggy Pop.

One of David Fair's paper cut-outs.

Above: Two photos by Nikolai, Jayne County's "Out of Reach," three Jon Langford paintings and four paintings by Jad Fair.

A close-up of John Nikolai's "Noir Blatant" featuring the impossibly beautiful Aja and an flesh-eating reptile.

Jayne County's painting "Out of Reach"

Above: Langford's "Saint Hank," "Pistol Packin' Mama" and "Going Down in History," followed by Jad Fair's paintings and cut-outs, Dee Ramone's "Fuck Off," and works by Niagara, Bunni and Godlis.



Langford's paintings up close.



Jad Fair.


Jad's "Bad"
Dee Dee Ramone's "Fuck Off" painting of the Sex Pistols, Niagara's "Hot Box" and "Bloody Mary" and Bunni's pin-up photos.


Dee Dee Ramone's "Fuck Off" painting of the Sex Pistols.
"Miss September" by Bunni


Niagara's gorgeous paintings

Above: Paper cut-outs by Jad Fair, Dee Dee Ramone's painting, two by Niagara over five pin-up photos by Bunni and the beginning of the wall of Godlis' photos.

Patti Smith by Godlis

Six by Godlis and the blank frame in place of Cynthia Plaster Caster's cast of Hendrix that was banned from the regular HUNG exhibition.


SHUT UP! Little Richard by Jon Strymish and, at the beginning of the brick wall by the back door, his photos of Jonathan Richman and a nest with baby hummingbirds.

From left to right: Knox's paintings, Arturo Vega's "Porn Is The New Rock" pieces and images of Dee Dee Ramone, and John Holmstrom's PUNK magazine artwork.

Knox's print of his Joe Strummer portrait and his oil painting of Sidney Vicious.


Sid Vicious as painted by Knox and "Porno Is The New Rock" by Arturo Vega.

All of Arturo's pieces in HUNG.

John Holmstrom's PUNK magazine artwork.

Above, the HUNG postcard

Thanks for checking out HUNG.

A gallery of Jon Strymish's images of HUNG's opening reception are coming soon.

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Photographer Jon Strymish, one of the artists who showed in HUNG documented the opening reception on July 25th. Here are some of his photos:

First up, John Holmstrom's hand, one of the slides from his presentation, and Cynthia Plaster Caster's cast of Jimi Hendrix's cock.

Next up Godlis, showing slides of his work which left the audience awestruck...

Below: John Nikolai onstage.

Below: The final speaker of the evening, Arturo Vega shares stories about his artwork and life with the Ramones.

Oldschool Boston punk heroes Unnatural Axe played a short, powerful set at the end of the reception. The first and probably last time they would ever play at Cambridge's legendary folk music venue. Below: Richie Parsons and Tom White in front of the HUNG backdrop

Below: Axe bassist Frank Dehler kicking out the jams:


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Below: King Kong by David Fair. Scroll over the picture to conjure a giant gorilla who will instantly appear on your building's rooftop and start swatting down airplanes.