Self portrait with a slumbering silver-haired siren, flying from the Philadelphia airport to Providence, RI. Before they were fastened into makeshift fangs, they were part of the napkin the stewardess handed to me along with a packet of peanuts.


Nikolai wasn't born with a camera attached to his face but had to have one surgically removed from it when a careless tourist dropped one from a tall building in New York, screamed, and caught the attention of Nikolai, who was walking underneath. Nikolai has taught photography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 2008, usually teaching a course on street photography and occasionally a class on photographing live music called "Rock 'n' Roll Institute of Technology," sort of named after a Ramones song. He was kidnapped by a French Canadian hillbilly for 13 months. As a result of that nightmarish ordeal, he does not own a refrigerator. His photography appears in books from a diversity of authors including Noam Chomsky and Dee Dee Ramone, on CDs (primarily punk bands who forgot to pay him), and in the pages or webpages of publications including Rolling Stone, Flipside, New Scientist, Muy Interesante, The Village Voice, The Boston Phoenix, Cleveland's Scene, Discover magazine and PUNK magazine, among others. He has provided press photos for such incendiary bands as Stiff Little Fingers, Public Enemy and The Damned and various revolutionary scientists. He exhibits his work frequently and is never ever unhappy but admits to feeling "some guilt" over what happened to Baby Gonquin although is quick to point out that he was never convicted in relation to that tragic incident. He resides in Providence, Rhode Island with his feline children Ouzo and Bela Lugosi (pictured below...scroll over the photo for amazing special effects). Nikolai paints, sculpts and occasionally works as a journalist in addition to doing all that photography. What else? He's a Christian (though admittedly not a good one yet always trying to try to work on it), prefers film to digital, and prefers cats and dogs to humans. Four generations of his family have had close encounters with UFOs.